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Kevin T. "Well, what can I say? You just continue to amaze. Keep up the great work, guys!"

Alex Mitorduka "You run one of the most responsive web hosts I have seen in years."

Robert Ces "I'm simply amazed. I called in to your Sales line, expecting some guy in India I could barely understand. What I got, however, was a personable, easy-to-talk-to sales rep who wanted to make sure that everything was set up exactly how I wanted. I’ve never experienced that before!"

Victoria Worrall "ClusterBlue has great customer service and prices. I went through their company with zero web experience. First they explained their pricing system to me, which was actually VERY cheap; I am only paying $3.50/month for my hosting. They then clearly and politely stepped me through registering a domain complete with links to secure sites. They responded to all of my requests within 15 minutes, and this was at 8 PM on a Friday night. I am also more than happy with the area where I add in the code. It is so crystal clear that even a beginner can create a website. 5/5 stars."

Matty "Awesome service! Never seen anything like it! All questions were answered promptly, and even helped me with stuff like my website! I have had both a VPS service and a web hosting service, both are really reliable, no crashes at all. Thanks!"

Peter Smith "Great service! Would highly recommend to anyone starting a business or just a little homepage. Had a great chat with Josh. Very responsive.

Mary G. "I am simply astounded by your knowledge of both website creation and server administration. If you ever need anything from me (e.g. job references), please let me know. Josh, you’re awesome!!"

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